Master Vault of Glass Raid Destiny 2 carry

  • Buy Vault of Glass Destiny 2 raid carry

You will get:

  • Chance to get new VOG raid exotic
  • Vault of Glass Armor & Armor Mods (RNG based)
  • Vault of Glass Weapons & Weapons Mods (RNG based)
  • Pinnacle Gear
  • Spoils of Conquest
  • New VOG raid emblem 
  • New Raid title completion

ETA: 1-3 hours.

We do not use any kind of software, cheats or exploits in our work. Every order is done by hands of the professional booster. You can always request a stream on Twitch or Youtube to track the progress of your order in realtime. We always provide screenshots upon finishing your order. Additional screenshots will be always provided upon your request.

Avalible on all platforms: PC, PS, XBOX.


1350+ power level

Beyond Light DLC on your account

Short description:

This raid was one of the most beloved among the players and now it is returning Vault of Glass boosting we can again wander through unrealistically beautiful dungeons and meet Vex there, touch complex mechanics and secrets VOG raid carry, test ourselves and your team for strength and fight new bosses in Vault of glass carry
I believe that every self-respecting player went to VOG raid destiny 2 for the first time, maybe he spent a lot of time but did not get the result, we can help you with it, buyVOG raid now and have a chance to get new exotics and a lot of high end stuff.
I remember this raid once I went to it for the first time I really wanted to get an exotic sniper rifle Icebreaker, but luck was not on my side and I went through the raid with a different reward but the experience and things I got there were very cool, the players asked where did I get such a beautiful set of armor, I answered - Vault Of Glass destiny 2 raid 
Try yourself in a new raid and answer the question, do you have a reliable team ready to go all the way and not stop before the difficulties that you have to meet?
We have such a team! we are ready to stay awake on the first day of the raid and go to the end, we are ready to die thousands of times trying to understand new mechanics and how this raid will work, believe me it will not be easy, but we will cope! After all, we are the
M7BOOST team

  • $40

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