User Agreement

1. General statements

1.1. M7BOOST.PRO does not sell the gaming items, does not offer gaming services not sells them. It only acts as the intermediary party facilitating the users in the process of their trading with each other by guaranteeing the safety. Should a dispute appear, the web-site’s arbitration takes on the obligation of facilitating the quickest resolve complying with the law and the issues of the current Agreement.

1.2. M7BOOST.PRO is not responsible for the use or exchange of any information or files between Service providers and Buyers. Further, M7BOOST.PRO does not control, nor is it responsible for, the truth, accuracy, completeness, safety, timeliness, quality, legality or applicability of anything said or written by Service providers and Buyers.

1.3. The web-site’s administration has the right to change or edit issues in the current Agreement whenever necessary per their own decision without notifying every User personally. The edited and changed Agreement becomes active once published. The date of its latest publication is stated under the current Agreement. Only the person authorized by M7BOOST.PRO has the right to change the Agreement.

2. Refund Policy

An order may be canceled for the reasons listed below
2.1 Customer made an order – the contractor does not respond within 24 hours (full refund)
2.2 Customer made an order – the contractor cannot complete it within the time period set by the customer (full refund)
2.3 Customer made an order – changed his mind during the execution (full or partial refund) (we also have the right to refuse to refund you for this reason)