Buy Tarkov Interchange Keys Pack

  • Interchange Key Pack

Here you can buy Escape from Tarkov Raid carry with professional player

You will get:

  • All Keys from Interchange map
ETA: from 1 hour to 1 day.
We do not use any kind of software, cheats or exploits in our work. Every order is done by hands of the professional booster. You can always request a stream on Twitch or Youtube to track the progress of your order in realtime. We always provide screenshots upon finishing your order. Additional screenshots will be always provided upon your request.
Avalible on all platforms: PC


Short description:
Would you like to get a lot more loot and visit hard-to-reach rooms? Can't find the keys or don't have enough money to buy them at the flea market? Use our services and get the whole set of keys to the selected map, we'll deliver the keys within 30 minutes to 3 hours, our operator will contact you and accompany at all time of the transaction.
Getting a set of keys you can take out a lot more loot, all the valuable loot is stored in closed rooms, the keys are always available. You can buy Tarkov keys now and get them for your character
  • $90

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