Sweet Dreams Exotic Shotgun (SPAS-12)

You’ll get:

  1. Sweet Dreams Exotic Shotgun
  2. All the rewards obtained during this farm
  3. Fast and reliable boosting service


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Exotic Weapon Perks:

  • Sweet Dreams: Landing a melee attack on an enemy after swapping to this weapon grants 35% bonus armour and applies the Sandman debuff. Killing an enemy with the Sandman debuff reapplies this bonus armour.
  • Sandman: This debuff prevents the enemy from using armour kits and from receiving healing from any source.
  • Evasive: While equipped, dodging reloads 1% of your current weapon’s magazine.

Order details:

  • After you make an order we will forward it to a professional booster
  • The booster will fulfill the order on time that was negotiated with the website contact
  • Streaming if available per request
  • All updates, pictures, progress is provided or per request
  • Our boosters never use cheats, programs or macros
Order Requirements:

  • Completed main storyline
  • World Tier 04