Story + leveling 1-30

You only need to pick a desired level for your character and we will complete it asap.

Story + 30 level character is completed in 3 days max

You’ll get:

  1. A desired level for your character (max 30)
  2. All the loot from killed mobs, that dropped during leveling
  3. Completed main storyline and 350+ gear power
  4. All Javelins unlocked


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How your order will be done

  • Our team will arrange a professional booster with a flexible schedule will raise your character to max level
  • Once you are happy with your schedule and gave the permission, a professional booster will log on to your account for a period needed to level up your character or/and do other chores if you pick any additional options
  • The boost from 1-30 will take 48 hours
  • Story line will take 12 hours
  • You may watch and learn how to level up your character real quick by a private stream that our team will gladly provide specially for you
  • It is always your right to enter your account whenever you are willing to, in fact, you will always have the option to speak with your booster directly or through your personal manager from our staff