PUBG Squad Win

Get yourself wins and a bunch of Battle Points for your PUBG Account. TOP 10 boosters since PUBG Beta will deliver the desired amount of wins as soon as possible!

A booster will be playing Squad game mode.


You’ll get:

  1. The desired amount of wins
  2. 200+ Battle Points for each win ordered, to earn new Cosmetics


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How your order will be done:

  • Once you place your order, a manager will contact you to set the time of the service according to your personal schedule
  • If you desire to choose the perspective mode during your boost (FPP or TPP) for your statistics, please specify this with your manager
  • The desired number of wins guaranteed
  • We replay matches in case of loses until we deliver the exact amount of wins  you’ve ordered
  • We don’t use any programs or bots. All services are done by hands of professionals