Power Level 650 – 700

Annual Pass owners can see the Drifter to catch up to the power of their fellow Guardian. You’ll start season 6 with 640 Power Level.

If you want to get 690 Power Level instead of 700, choose the corresponding option below.

You’ll get:

  1. 700 Power Level
  2. Powerful 700 Power Level Gear
  3. Chance to get Strike specific loot
  4. Vanguard Tokens for Rank-up packages
  5. Additional Rare and/or Legendary loot for Strikes completion
  6. Additional activity specific loot for completing required activities (Dark Fragments for Dreaming City missions, Crucible Tokens and post-matches rewards for Crucible Challenge, etc.)


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How your order will be done:

  • Once you place your order we will assign a professional booster that will fulfill the request
  • We will compete all selected Challenges and Pursuits and acquire necessary consumables if needed (e.g., Tincture of Queensfoil for the Ascendant Challenge)
  • Your current gear won’t be dismantled or infused. We will only equip new Powerful items to make sure every next completed Challenge gives better drop
  • The boost will take approximately 24 – 48 hours, depending on the amount of activities selected
  • We don’t use any programs or bots. All services are done by hands

Carry Requirements:

50 XP level and completed Forsaken Story campaign

650 Power Level