Oxygen SR3’s unique perk Meganeura will double down Dragonfly’s effectiveness and improve upon it in a simple and effective way.

The more you land precision hits, the more damage an elemental explosion will deal! The gun is ideal for Boss DPS and crowd control in PvE and Gambit, as well as deadly in team based Crucible and Iron Banner.

You’ll get:

  1. 10 Level Masterwork Oxygen SR3 Pinnacle Vanguard Scout Rifle Curated Roll
  1. Vanguard The Best Offense Triumph
  2. High chance to get Exotics
  3. Powerful Rewards from Nightfall Milestone

$50.00 $45.00

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Weapon Perks:

  1. Precision Frame: This weapon’s recoil pattern is more predictably vertical
  2. Polygonal Rifling: Barrel optimized for recoil reduction • Increases stability
  3. Accurized Rounds: This weapon can fire longer distances • Increases range
  4. Dragonfly: Precision kills create an elemental damage explosion
  5. MEGANEURA: Dragonfly deals more damage based on the number of precision hits dealt to the target beforehand

How your order will be done:

  • Once you place your order we will assign a professional booster that will fulfill the request
  • Our booster will complete all remaining Quest Steps for the Redeployment Quest
  • The Full Quest order usually takes up to 2 days
  • All Gear, Weapons, Tokens, and Materials acquired during the boost will be left at your Character or Postmaster
  • We don’t use any programs or bots. All services are done by hands