Privacy Policy

1. Our Commitment to Your Privacy

M7BOOST.PRO is committed to providing complete security for visiting our website. If you have any security problems please contact our chat specialist

2. Security of your Personal Information

Upon receipt of your data, no one other than specially designated persons does not gain access to your personal information,
After your personal information arrives to us only authorized personnel have access to it.

3. How we use your Personal Information

Your personal information will be used only to fulfill the conditions specified when purchasing goods
information will not be transferred to third parties or to persons who do not have the status of an order executor

4. Who we share your Personal Information with

We do not transfer / sell / exchange your personal information and do not share it with third parties

5. Collection of your Personal Information

We collect your personal information such as email address, phone number, contact form in messengers for contacting you or for receiving more information about payment or your any additional info about order

We do not use your information for personal purposes.

6. Privacy

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