New World Quick Leveling

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The main activity in the MMORPG New World is to level up your character. By getting stronger, you'll gain access to higher-level content, and in this guide we'll show you ways to get the experience you need as soon as possible.


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Quick level up guide in New World - tips and techniques to gain a lot of experience in the game
Note: keep in mind that the information is relevant for the game build, which was used in the closed testing. By the release of the developers may, for example, change the amount of experience you get for certain activities.

Give preference to quests

 New World quick leveling guide - tips and techniques to gain a lot of experience in the game
The main way to gain experience in New World is by completing quests. Scenario quests give the most profit, but there are also enough side quests, that will allow you to get the necessary amount of points to pass to the next location or to fight with a cool mob.

Grind (monster slaying) in this game also brings experience, but in smaller amount. In terms of time spent per unit gained, killing tens and hundreds of monsters is less rational than completing quests.

Exceptions are opponents, which you need to kill on the same task, but in excess of this norm try not to linger on them. The optimal way out is to score the maximum number of quests for one location (story, factional, from the board of urban projects), come to the place, destroy all the quest monsters and return to the NPC for the reward.

Quests from the urban projects board

 Quick level up guide in New World - tips and ways to get a lot of experience in the game
At this point you need to concentrate on completing quests like "gather so much and so much herbs" or "craft so much and so much mana potions". The latter can be done right there on the machine if you have all the necessary materials at your disposal.

Factional Quests

 Quick level up guide in New World - tips and techniques to gain a lot of experience in the game
Factional quests can be PvE and PvP. They do not differ much in the amount of reward experience, but PvE-quests take longer. A series of three such quests can take you up to 60 minutes to complete, while a series of PvP quests can be done in 20 minutes. Moreover, they are usually done not far from the city where you took the quest, so fighting against players is more advantageous in terms of experience gained.

However, it's worth bearing in mind that with PvP quests you can be killed by other warriors, so there's always a risk of failure. With PvE the risks of failure are much less, so here you need to rely solely on your own strength and willingness to fight with other players.

Places of Interest and Story Notes

 Quick level up guide in New World - tips and tricks to gain a lot of experience in the game
Moving on to the next point, note the places of interest that you should definitely explore. They are marked on the mini map with a question mark, and you just need to get close to that area to get experience. You don't have to run there on purpose, but once you're close, there's nothing stopping you from walking to the place of interest and maybe finding a couple of chests with interesting loot there.

Story notes are the same situation, they are scattered around different locations. After reading them you can find out something interesting from the game's lore, and get the experience equal to the killing of three equal to you level monsters. If you find all the notes from a particular story, you'll get even more experience, comparable to a fairly lucrative monster slaying task.

Skip the Tutorial

 Quick level up guide in New World - tips and tricks on how to get a lot of experience in the game
At the very beginning of the game you will be given a brief tutorial, which takes about 10-15 minutes to get through. It describes the main mechanics and story twist, but experienced players already know all these things (New World story contains a lot of templates, typical for other MMORPGs).

So you will lose absolutely nothing if you decide to skip the tutorial. To do so, during the tutorial press Esc, go to the Game Menu and press "Skip to NW" - so you'll get right into the main gameplay.

Maximizing Time Spent

 New World Quick Level Up Guide - Tips and Ways to Get a Great Experience in the Game
While completing quests, you'll very often bump into plants and mobs that you need to kill. Try to collect resources and skin dead enemies, so you'll pump up peaceful professions and get additional experience, as well as materials for crafting potions and food.

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