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Escape from Tarkov is a phenomenon. At first glance, the shooter from the Russian studio BattleState Games does not look very attractive: an excessively hardcore, unfair to the player game, a Unity-based shooter in the universe of the browser-based F2P game Contract Wars. Mass of unfulfilled promises, a huge number of complaints on the technical part, going on five years of development, the final part of which is not expected in the near future. Separately the game's reputation suffered from a series of PR failures and scandals associated with bans players and misunderstandings between users and the developer.

It would seem to be another futile long-running game from the CIS in the vein of Survarium, if you would like to as me how to farm buy Tarkov rubles, if not even the video-game analogue of MMM. On the Russian-language Internet they don't talk about it much outside of fan communities, and major publications do not write about the game - it's niche and not ready.

But at the same time abroad Escape from Tarkov has a completely different story: all these years in a closed, far from release beta played thousands of players around the world. Almost every country has dozens of bloggers and streamers on Escape from Tarkov, thematic Reddit is flooded with posts, and the interest to the game itself is only growing from year to year - recently it was reported that the development of a new mode for Battlefield 2042 DICE was inspired by the game BattleState Games. Would like to buy Tarkov carry by professional player ?And in the CIS, with all the negativity towards Escape from Tarkov, the game has enough fans among both streamers and ordinary players.

I found the phenomenon of "Tarkov" interesting: it can't be so that an ordinary "nothing" has such a huge community of players (and all over the world) who sincerely love the game, and it is at the same time regularly updated with patches and content. Junk community sinks instantly: remember at least LawBreakers, Marvel Avengers, endless attempts to make "S.T.A.L.K.E.R. killer" and other examples that have not lasted a couple of months in the infopole. Escape from Tarkov is alive and well for the past five years only by selling access to the closed beta test in various editions and souvenir store - no microtransactions, subscriptions, Battle Pass and their analogues. The game quietly exists on a premium model.
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We already had a review of Escape from Tarkov, or rather - the 2020 version of the game. But the project has noticeably changed over time. This time we approached the game more thoroughly: I spent 600 hours in Tarkov, lived through the old and caught the new Vype and studied the events around it - fan forums, communities, celebrities and streamers.

In the end I have to say: even though Escape from Tarkov is far from release and has enough problems, it is a special and incredible game that has no analogues. It's even more than a shooter with MMORPG elements or some kind of super-hardcore simulation of modern warfare. "Tarkov" is more of a one-of-a-kind ecosystem, a video game analogue of strikeball, a horror game, and the most Russian thing the industry has ever seen.

In this article I'll describe in detail what Escape from Tarkov is, how to play it, what's good and bad about it, and why it's a truly amazing phenomenon in the modern gaming industry. We'll touch on literally everything: the story, gameplay, features, unique traits, memes, numerous problems, and why it's worth and, of course, not worth trying. Scandals will also be discussed - this topic when discussing Escape from Tarkov, alas, cannot be avoided.

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