Trials of Osiris Story

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Trials of Osiris Carry 

   Hello, today I'll tell my story how I've become a professional player in Trials of Osiris Destiny 2, 
I'll start my story when I was 18 years old, with first money I earned I bought myself PlayStation 4 and it already had an account with games and among them was Destiny.
I passed the company and the game seemed to me boring and monotonous, after a while I decided to play it again and was incredibly surprised when I was invited to the activity of 6 people, it was a raid, then I ran nightfall and started playing the PvP part of the game Destiny.

   Killing was very difficult for me, it was my first time holding a gamepad in my hands and I had a hard time figuring out how to aim fast and be maneuverable in the game.
After a bit of practice I started playing with a sniper rifle - I thought it was very stylish, famous streamers played that way and I was inspired by it. But still I couldn't do 2x 3x kills in a row and died quite often, 
I practiced my AIM in open areas and tried to work on my speed for accurate aiming. 

My first Trials of Osiris experience
   In a community where people were looking for a team for activities I saw a post about the recruitment in trials and left there my PSN ID, I was invited but what was my surprise after I died 5 times in a row, people in this mode is not how I used to play, Everyone was very focused and important was the team communication, I got to 4 wins and I got bored, on the third win I fell Igneous Hammer HC on a warlock, people in the future often asked me where I got such a beautiful helmet, and how I got it, it is not weak pushed me to become better and learn to play well 

   On web I found 2 people with a level roughly similar to mine.
We practiced a lot together and after a couple of weeks we got our first flawless trials of osiris, I got all the rewards from Lighthouse Chest and was very happy! 
It was a victory! A win for me personally, I crossed that line and was able to get a flawless 7-0 card. 
 After that we played a lot and closed the 7-0 every week for 3 of my characters. I've had my first Trials of Osiris armor set  to my hunter.
In next 5 weeks I've been working on my Flawless Trials Seal
 My level of play was going up and with it my K/D stats were going up. It was about 2.4 KD overall. I was happy with my game and my team. 

Trials of Osiris tournaments 
   Our team became cohesive and we played well together; we had our own style of play unlike any other player. We decided to sign up for our first tournament with a $50 entry deposit and a grand prize of $500 per player.
In the tournament I was very nervous, but still played well. We took 2nd place and I won a Sony headset, another contribution to my personal growth. 

Top PvP Destiny
   My stats kept growing and with it my level, I made it to the top 10 in the world and I knew all the top 1's, we played together, practiced our skill's against each other, it all took a serious turn. I was invited to a clan called Void, there were only top players in trials of osiris carry and destiny 2 trials boosting, I played with them for about a year on playstation and xbox. We helped weak players get their lighthouse acess, for this they paid us a token amount of money or gave us a rare emblem, so I got my heart of foundation emblem and was glad! 

PC competition
   Switching to pc I was shocked at 60 fps and felt like I was starting from scratch, but within a month of playing I adapted to destiny 2 trials carry PC, and got back up to a high level but the competition on pc is much more than on playstation and it became harder to play.
My game level grew and I still play trials to this day, tell me about your experience playing this mode! 

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