Akri Story Destiny 2 Pt. 1

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Akri Story Destiny Pt. 1
Hi guys, i'm a survivor ghost from M7BOOST.PRO website 

I have come a long way to share my experience with you, in September 2014, I could not even imagine that I would become so important in this universe, for the first time being at the cosmodrome of the planet earth, I realized that all of Europe is dead and all that remains of old Russia is only hordes of fallen and broken buildings. I made my way in search of a wanderer trying to remain unnoticed, but one of the captains saw the reflection of my sensors and shouted in the language of the fallen, the current level in my microcircuits rose to the maximum, I flew at full steam and then I noticed the remains of a killed guardian, I realized that this target was from for which I am here, I do not remember anything that happened before, but I resurrected him...

He looked very fine dressed, looks like he had a Deep Stone Crypt Raid armor set but in his hands he had an exotic rocket launcher  Eyes of Tomorrow we looked at each other, but the fallen ones were already close, the guard raised the exo cannon, took aim and, without hesitation, fired a volley of 1 rocket, which later turned into 4 and hit every target, all the fallen ones lay immobilized, as if they were dead ...

I still could not remember anything and only the guard uttered his name ... Arki his name was Arki, he was on Rasputin's team to create a nuclear reactor, but how? how did he die? can the guards die? what happened to his guest?

We went to the safe zone and what awaits our next we still have to find out..

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