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Here you can buy Gjallarhorn service for your guardian.

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  • Guaranteed Gjallarhorn exotic rocket launcher
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Available on all platforms: PC, PS, XBOX.


1300+ (without artifact) power level

Short description:

Buy Gjallarhorn Destiny 2  BUNGIE It has only been a few days since Gjallarhorn returned to Destiny 2. Technically, this is his third return to the series after he was used to promote Rise of Iron in Destiny 1. It is debated whether he will be insufficiently strengthened or too strong. which evoked memories of what monster it was in Destiny 1 Year 1.  And yet, I think that despite its strength at the time, it could be argued that the Gjallarhorn is not the most powerful weapon in Destiny's history.  In terms of net damage performance? Yes definitely. Gjallarhorn from year 1 causes proportionally more damage than I think any weapon in the series in terms of burning bosses. That's why it was more or less mandatory at that time for efficient content browsing, and that's why the random drop was so sought after. It was the only thing that could at least remotely kill a broken Skolas in the beginning, and nothing else could match the overall power of its rockets and wolfpack rounds, at least before it was unfinished after a year.  However ...  My ultimate tip for the most powerful weapon in Destiny's history is not even exotic. She is The Mountaintop of Destiny 2, the ultimate breaking grenade launcher. Let me explain.   Gjallarhorn was extremely good at one thing, burning bosses. But Mountaintop? He dominated all aspects of PvP and PvE to such an extent that he was almost responsible for bringing the sunset concept to Destiny 2.

  • $30

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