How to make order?
After you have added the goods to the basket and sent the order, you will receive a letter in response with full information about your order and e-mail for sending the payment.
Remember: we accept only Pay Pal

What happens after order payment?
After you make an order we will forward it to a professional booster.
The booster will fulfill the order on time that was negotiated with the website contact.

Streaming available?
in most cases, yes. Streaming if available per request
Сan i play during the boost process?
You can play! don’t forget to discuss it with the booster
How can I find updates about my order?
You can ask the website contact for any information or screenshots
Cancellation / Refund
You can cancel the order and request a refund / we respect your opinion
Do boosters use any software or programs?
Our boosters never use cheats, programs or macros
Have you ever had an account ban?
For 5 years of work, we have never encountered a ban of accounts during the process and after the transfer of the account to the owner
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