Vault of Glass

Vault of Glass Raid Destiny 2 Carry raid from the original part of Destiny game returns again, only pleasant impressions of this raid remain in my memory and I can definitely say that if it were not so interesting developers would not add it to the second part of the game.
The raid includes 5 stages of activities and each of them requires coherent teamwork and knowledge of all strategies, going forward the final boss is quite complex and no less interesting about this.
Rewards from the raid always fall out pinaclle several pieces from each stage, buy vog raid d2 you get the opportunity to get high light drop items and rare things like exotics as well you get the chance to get rare cosmetic items, sparrow, ghost shell.
In this raid, all items from the original raid are collected and new weapons and things are also added. Get three new sets of armor for each character and save your time going through the vog raid destiny 2.
buying a raid from us you get:
1. Quick execution
2. Secret chests (free)
3. Free stream
4. Chance to get exotic
5. 3-6 high light level items
and more. The full list of awards can be viewed by Vault of Glass Destiny 2 Carry
I remind you that the raid is one of the team activities in Destiny 2 and requires 6 players, our players are professionals in their business and know all the stages of the raid well. Coordinated work allows us to quickly perform destiny 2 vog boosting and get high awards.
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