Deep Stone Crypt

  • Deep Stone Crypt

Here you can buy Deep Stone Crypt Raid completion service for your guardian.

You will get:

  • Chance to get Eyes of Tomorrow Exotic Rocket Launcher;
  • Deep Stone Crypt Raid Armor & Armor Mods
  • Pinnacle Gear
  • Spoils of Conquest

ETA: 2-4 hours.

We do not use any kind of software, cheats or exploits in our work. Every order is done by hands of the professional booster. You can always request a stream on Twitch or Youtube to track the progress of your order in realtime. We always provide screenshots upon finishing your order. Additional screenshots will be always provided upon your request.

Avalible on all platforms: PC, PS, XBOX.


1230+ power level
Beyond Light DLC on your account
Short description:
After buy raid carry you have a chance to get beautiful futuristic armor for your character, as well
as a great shotgun "heritage"
and an excellent sniper rifle "succession"

If your light level is not maximum you will receive 100% 4 pinnacle part of armor or weapons
if you buy deep stone crypt raid from us, you have a chance get EYES OF TOMORROW - exotic weapon (drop only this raid)

  • $19

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