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  • 1530 Power Level 

Destiny 2's major add-on The Witch Queen launches a new raid set in the topiaries of the b olot world-Prestiny. As the ultimate PVE challenge, this becomes task #1 for the Guardians. Here's information on when the addition launches and what you can expect inside the Pyramid.

Raiding in Destiny 2 Witch Queen Raid carry has long been a point of interest for PVE players, and the long-awaited addition of the Witch Queen is preparing to take Guardians around the world into the swamps of the world-Prestol Savatun, where the Pyramid rests. By infiltrating it with their battle group, players will be able to fight the ancient menace languishing within.

Before entering the Pyramid, however, check out everything we know about the upcoming Witch Queen Raid in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Witch Queen Raid Boosting and carry: Release Date, Pyramid Location, Power Level
Raid of the Witch Queen Destiny 2: Release date and launch time
The Witch Queen Raid in Destiny 2 will launch on Saturday, March 5. Below is the exact release time for the new raid worldwide:

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As always, those in the first world race will be eager to get off to a flying start. Make sure your team is in orbit and check back often to see if a new raid has launched at the appropriate time.

Where is the Pyramid in the Destiny 2 Witch Queen Raid
The upcoming Witch Queen raid, takes place inside the Pyramid Ship. This is evidenced by the end of the add-on launch trailer, as the battle group prepares to enter the uncharted through a hole in the bottom of the ship.

Destiny 2's Witch Queen Raid: Release Date, Pyramid Location, Power Level
It is worth noting that this particular Pyramid Ship fell on the world-Prestol Savatoon. As a result, not everything can be taken at face value. There is always a chance that the ship itself is an illusion.

We will update this part of the manual as the raid unfolds around the world.

Enemies of the Destiny 2 Witch Queen Raid
At this time, it is unclear who we will be fighting in the Witch Queen raid. Although we can make some educated guesses based on its location.

Taking place in a new destination in the world-Prestol Savatoon, this area is largely controlled by her Shining Swarm. This is the new form of the Hive's enemies that we will see throughout the Witch Queen storyline.

Destiny 2 Witch Queen Raid: Release Date, Pyramid Location, Power Level
Able to wield Light like us Guardians, these enemies can not only use the destructive powers of the Sun, Arc, and Void, but they can even resurrect their fallen allies.

While it's not yet known for sure, it's likely that these Shining Swarm enemies will be a major threat during Destiny 2's Witch Queen raid.

Destiny 2 Witch Queen Raid: Release Date, Pyramid Location, Power Level
Bungie .
However, in addition to the swarm filled with Light of Savatoon, there's also a chance we'll see something completely new inside the Raid. After all, it's worth remembering what happened the last time we went through the Pyramid Ship.

The Guardians were met by a clone of themselves at the very end of Shadowkeep. We were told that this race did not seek to be our "friend" or "enemy," but instead our "salvation."

Although this storyline has gone nowhere since then, returning to another Pyramid Ship in the world-Prestol Savatoon-could set the stage for our first combat encounter with the Black Fleet and its forces of Darkness.

Required Strength Level for Raid
Bungie has yet to confirm the required power level to participate in the Witch Queen raid in Destiny 2. While the power level will soon be set at 1350, it is likely that the raid will require significantly more.

We'll be sure to keep you updated as more details emerge.

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