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Deep Stone Crypt is a location on Europa that is the birthplace of the Exos and a subroutine responsible for seeding the first Exo consciousnesses. It is Destiny 2’s eighth raid and the first raid following the launch of Beyond Light that finally takes the players on a journey to conquer the Deep Stone Crypt. Although it is not available for everyone as for starters you must have the Beyond Light DLC and you must have at least 1230+ Power Level even though the more the better. Along the duration of the raid, it will take you down into the depths of Europa then, all the way up to a huge space station and then back to Europa where the final battle will take place against the revived Taniks. Along the way, you will face many encounters such as the Pike section in which you have to move from bubble to bubble to avoid the storm by working over icebergs. The Crypt Security where you have to destroy six-tube fuses. And you will face against Atraks-1 the Fallen Exo before you can take on the final boss. The new raid, by all means, is not easy to complete. You should have the right weapons if you want to clear through the raid on your first try. Your arsenal should consist of Sniper Rifles and Grenade Launchers, such as Riskrunner and Divinity, for max DPS if you want to stand a chance against the final boss. Even though the difficulty is a little high it sure does pay off as there are at least three new questlines to pursue, all triggered by the end of the raid. The new questlines include a new quest from Variks, a quest from the Exo Stranger, and finally the exotic quest for The Lament from Banshee-44.Bungie continuously amazes its community with new modifiers to the Destiny 2: Beyond Light; first, it exploded the community with ten fascinating exotics now with a legendary titan mark called Deep Stone Crypt. That’s not it; guess who owns this legendary mark? A new raid has risen from the darkness to join this dead ride.Deep Stone Crypt CarryThis time the expansion of Destiny 2: Beyond Light has touched a new height; the players are desperately waiting to exploit this new raid and all those exotics. Deep Stone Crypt will officially arrive on November 21 and help other Raids in killing hordes of monsters. This means skilled players have enough time to gear up their guardians up for the task waiting ahead for them.Now, all raid lovers must be thinking that in which zone Deep Stone Crypt will appear. Don’t worry; Bungie revealed it as well; the player will find Deep Stone Crypt on the new patrol zone of Europa.Bungie has also revealed the rules of the raid contest mode: You have to carve them in your mind if you want to enjoy.

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