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What’s so good about Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 is an online sci-fi first-person shooter with MMORPG elements. At first glance, it may seem like no game, but in fact, it is interesting and exciting. Since the very beginning, this franchise attracted millions of players because of it’s gameplay, setting and it’s sociality.

Every player can find something to do alone or with friends. Raids, PvP, PvE, ranks, grind, and weekly activities. Incredible combat mechanics – a vital element of the creation of Bungie. The gunplay in Destiny 2 is perfect. Whatever you do you enjoy every minute you spend in this vast universe. 

Besides great shooter mechanics, there are a lot of certain benefits: the infinite variety of weapons and clothing; majestic landscapes; many activities you can run that provide dozens of hours of gameplay; the emergence of clans, the acceleration of the “grind” and so on.

Destiny 2 Season of Drifter gives you the opportunity to plunge into the new update and get 21% delirium, oxygen sr3, the recluse pulse riffle and too many new gear and activities

Reasons for boosting in Destiny 2

As we mentioned before there are tons of stuff players can do online. Quests, story missions, Raid carry with friends, Strikes, PvP, you name it. The game itself is huge, and there is no way one can be successful in every aspect of the game without boosting. We all know the situation when you have a couple of hours in the evening, and you have to choose which activity you prefer to run. Being a casual PvE player, for example, you will undoubtedly get behind in PvP Rank and vice versa. 

That’s why we are helping casual players to get desired gear, ranks or weapons they don’t have time to. 

M7Boost.PRO Destiny 2 boosting

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