Trials Carry


Trials Carry



You’ll get:

  1. 7-0 Flawless Trials of Osiris ticket 
  2. 3 items during the process (3,5,7 wins)
  3. Lighthouse access
  4. Powerfull lighthouse chest
  5. A lot of stuff during the process

    A lot of Destiny 2 players like to play PvE content, but they often want to get new armor and weapons.
    D2 Trials carry Requested high PvP skill, if you want to save your time and nerves you can use our Trials carry

    D2 trials carry will give you 7-0 passage of mercy / passage of confidence ticket, 3 items during the process and random amounts of powerful items from lighthouse chest.

    You can also watch our stream to see how booster playing on your account during trials carry this thing is absolutely free and available per request.

    Have a good one guardian!

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